Endpoint Security

Hackers know users and their endpoints (workstations, tablets) are often the easiest way to access an organization to either steal or get ransomware to spread.

Users need to be cyber aware of the threats and think before clicking on a link or document sent to them to be 100% sure the sender is valid and it is safe.  Check out our Cybersecurity Awareness Training options.

How can Nova help you to ensure Endpoint Security?

  • Anti-virus, anti-malware is essential
  • Endpoint protection includes more layers to identify vulnerabilities and threats and stop attacks
  • VPN with Multi Factor Authentication (MFA), harden RDP or find another solution
  • Mobile defense, protect smartphones and tablets
  • Email protection including anti spam filtering
  • Web site filtering to prevent users from visiting restricted sites as well as those identified to contain malware
  • Discover unauthorized endpoints on your network or wireless
  • Access management and identity management
  • Harden laptops and tablets for travelling staff
  • Have separate rules for BYOD Devices
  • Implement Zero Trust

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