IT Audits and Roadmaps

Nova Networks offers both IT Audits (full review of IT Services) and IT Discoveries (free with our Service Agreements).

Our customizable audits review all aspects of your networks, from access rights, licensing compliancy, security and most importantly understanding the business purpose of your IT Infrastructure.

All of Nova Networks customizable IT Audits commence with interviews with key individuals of your organization to gain an understanding of all business purposes, policies and procedures. Nova Networks then will commence the audit and close it off with a meeting of project authorities to review the fully documented findings and recommendations. Nova Networks customizable IT Audits include but are not limited to:

    • Desktop/Server Systems
      Review of what systems, hardware, configurations, applications, databases, services currently reside on your infrastructure
    • Physical Infrastructure
      Review of your cabling, internet access, rack and cabinets, server room power and air, firewalls, VPN, DMZ, switches, cabling, routers and other non-computer appliances
    • Networking
      Review of the network configuration and services: naming and addressing, file and printing services, logical organization, user permissions, backup system, performance, reliability and designed redundancy
    • Applications & Licensing
      Review of all applications deployed on a system and which reside on servers to determine access rights, licensing compliancy, performance and availability
    • Security Assessment
      Review of firewalls, perimeter, appliances, configurations, connectivity, web server and other server access, OS, software, anti-virus updates, and possible external entry points that may leave your organization vulnerable to hackers

These are then compiled, analyzed and a series of priority-labeled sequenced recommendations are offered. We also provide templates for missing documents or services such has Disaster Recovery Planning, Policies, Record Keeping of Server and Desktop Events and Changes, and a glossary for the non-technical person.


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