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Adaptability is key in today’s fast-paced business environment. Nova Networks understands the need for organisations to increase productivity, ensure security and effectively manage costs in the face of evolving business requirements.

Cloud Solutions
Elevate Your Business with Nova’s Cloud Solutions

Nova’s cloud solutions provide robust services that are cost effective. This allows you to avoid huge implementation costs and learning curves.

Whether you choose to migrate your entire infrastructure to the cloud with our cloud-hosted services, or select elements such as email hosting or backup, Nova enables you to build the perfect cloud solution tailored to your organisation’s needs. This includes proprietary technologies, a global security platform and comprehensive online solutions.


Cloud Convergence
Clear Cloud Consulting – Real Results!

Nova Networks simplifies cloud hosting with a holistic solution. We analyse your online workflows and assess application behaviour. We then size your cloud presence to meet your needs. Sizing is critical. Inadequate sizing can lead to outages that compromise online performance. Trust Nova for expert Cloud Convergence solutions.

Nova Network’s Hybrid Cloud
Nova can design a cloud solution for your company. If there is a need for short or long-term scalability, for immediate traffic handling infrastructure, Nova can combine the infrastructure ramp-up by leveraging these major providers. This is known as a “Hybrid Cloud”.

With a Nova Cloud-based solution, you are not stuck in a box. The solution is delivered in a mode that respects your organisation’s needs and timelines. The hybrid solution can include components such as COLO systems, private/public environments, diverse computing and enterprise-class data centre configurations.

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Professional and Proactive Management
At Nova Networks, we specialize in proactive Cloud management. Nova Networks has decades of experience in managing IT environments for over 15 years. Our expertise ranges from SMB to Enterprise levels, encompassing network, servers, storage, and applications. Unlike typical one-size-fits-all solutions, we offer four distinct management levels, catering to diverse needs. Our proactive approach not only anticipates and resolves issues before they arise but also strategically plans upgrades, ensuring cost-effective, seamless operations.

Choose Nova Networks for tailored, efficient Cloud management.

Cloud Infrastructure
Take advantage of Nova Networks’ diverse cloud environments. Strategically located in world-class data centres.

Working with IaaS cloud providers enables us to offer scalable, responsive solutions. Nova customises cloud solutions within our Nova Cloud environment or seamlessly connects to other providers for long-term scalability.


Seamless Cloud Integration: Securely integrate with your corporate or other data centre infrastructure. Seamlessly connect to your cloud servers or other cloud solutions.

Enhanced Supporting Services: Add VPNs, high availability, load balancing, firewall and security, WAN optimisation acceleration and anti-virus/anti-spam protection to enhance your cloud experience.

Reliable Cloud Backup Solutions: Protect your critical data securely and efficiently with Nova’s cloud backup services, which offer robust disk-to-disk backup and recovery. Backup your folders, files, databases, mailboxes, system states and user profiles.

Key Benefits of Nova’s Cloud Services: Nova’s Cloud Backup Services provide automatic data protection, reliability and security. Get 24/7 expert support with no CAPEX, disaster recovery, centralised management and full regulatory compliance.

For added convenience, explore our managed service packages.