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Published On: December 18, 2023






The Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650 V3 has what it takes to replace legacy infrastructure as a standalone server; VM Host or the anchor to your hybrid cloud strategy.  It combines performance with flexible configuration options to address many workloads, all at competitively disruptive PISA price points.

The SR650 V3 is an ideal 2-socket 2U rack server. It is designed to take full advantage of the 4th generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, including:

        • Full performance of 350W 60-core processors
        • Support for 4800 MHz memory
        • PCIe Gen 5.0 support



The SR650 is a very configuration-rich offering, supporting more than 30 different drive bay configurations in the front, middle and rear of the server and high-performance GPUs.

The SR650 is designed to handle various workloads, such as databases, virtualization and cloud computing, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), infrastructure security, systems management, enterprise applications, collaboration/email, streaming media, web, and HPC.

The SR650 positions extremely well against the HPE DL380 or the Dell Technology R740.

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  • 1 or 2 processors.
  • Up to 60 cores and 120 threads
  • 16 DIMMS / processor
  • Up to 8 TB of system memory
  • 8 GPU options
  • Up to 40 x 2.5” drives
  • 2 onboard NVMe PCIe connectors.
  • 1 M.2 module connector.
  • 1 LOM card connector.
  • 2 onboard PCIe slots 4 and 7.
  • 2 slots for PCIe riser cards.
  • 1 TCM connector.
  • 5 (one processor) or 6 (two processors) hot-swap system fans.
  • Liquid cooling option ( Neptune )


Software-defined infrastructure (SDI) is a technology that refers to logically pooled computation, memory, storage, and networking resources that are managed by software with little human intervention.

SDI-enabled data centers are more intelligent, self-aware, self-healing, self-optimizing, self-scaling, and automated, making new service deployment times go from weeks to minutes.

In other words, SDI makes it easier for data center operators to manage virtualized, complex infrastructure with smaller teams of IT generalists.

The SR650 can be an integral building block to your SDI architecture, including pre-configured reference


A hybrid cloud is a “best of both worlds” approach, blending traditional on-premise assets with virtualized service-driven approaches. This model aligns with the new norm of shared infrastructure – particularly in public sector organizations – supporting common or collaborative service delivery environments.  Cloud doesn’t always mean third-party commercial environments!

Where latency, performance, and governance are paramount, deploy local assets to create optimal performance, agility and resilience.  Collaboration; shared workloads; or edge computing can drive benefits only available from the cloud model ( public; private; other). It’s no wonder organizations have adopted hybrid models.


 Lenovo ThinkShield is a comprehensive end-to-end approach to security that begins with development and continues through the supply chain and the full life cycle of the device.  ThinkShield takes a multi-layered and multi-faceted approach to your security environment addressing:

OS – Cloud:
•  Endpoint security and management
•  Data defense and secure cloud backup
•  Password-less authentication


Under the OS:
•  BIOS Firmware
•  Firmware Security
•  Hardware Security

Zero Trust Supply Chain:
•  Verifiable Hardware
•  Verifiable Software
•  Trusted Supplier Program

Lenovo XClarity Controller features an uncluttered graphical user interface, industry-standard Redfish-compliant REST APIs, and enables booting in half the time of prior generation servers, with up to 6x faster firmware updates. Lenovo XClarity Administrator is a virtualized application that centrally manages ThinkSystem servers, storage, and networking. Via reusable patterns and policies, it ramps up and scales infrastructure provisioning and maintenance. It serves as a central integration point to extend your data center management processes to physical IT.


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