Apple Authorized Service Provider

Published On: October 6, 2016

apple-repairMany of us use iPhone, iPad and Mac devices to manage both our professional and personal lives and when they don’t work, we are less effective.  When this happens you could make an appointment with an Apple store; or you could go directly to Nova Networks for warranty or post warranty service.

Nova’s Apple trained and certified technicians will:

  • Diagnose the problem
  • Identify the parts required to repair your Apple product
  • Provides you with a written estimate of the repair services required and when the repairs will be completed; before the work is done
  • Draw the parts from Nova’s own Apple product spares inventory
  • Repair your product on time
stylized block apple with a bite out the right side

Logo of Apple corporation


  • Bills Apple directly for all warranty-entitled repair parts and labour service
  • Warrants it work for 30 days

Nova Networks Inc., is located in Ottawa Ontario, with offices in Montreal Quebec, Calgary Alberta and Toronto Ontario

Nova’s depot facility is located at 1700 Woodward Drive Ottawa Ontario


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