Workstation Roll-Out

Orchestrating the roll-out of desktop computing devices, be it for a new office, or the replacement of computing devices for an existing office, can be daunting.

  • Finding a location in which the new computing devices can be readied
    • Unpacking the devices, and temporarily storing that packaging
    • Configuration, asset tagging, adding company software and services (images)
    • Testing of each and every device
  • Physically moving the new devices to their final location
    • Transferring existing hard drive data to the new hard drive
    • The removal of the existing devices from the desktop
  • Storage of the old devices so that forgotten files can be retrieved
  • Disposal of those old devices once “all” the right files have been retrieved

And then, there is the potential “handling” of device returns for any number of reasons.

Nova Networks (Nova) can support your workstation deployment efforts.  Within Nova’s central warehouse is its configuration and imaging facilities.  This facility, used by our certified technicians, has:

  • A secure, off-line imaging server, used to maintain and manage client “approved” device images; thus allowing the client to simply specify the image to be installed of a given device
  • A “clean room” which is used to configure client devices before they are delivered
  • The tools and systems to apply client-provided asset tags to individual devices; and electronically capture the details of the device and record same in a file format of the client’s choosing
  • The ability to “power up” and test devices once the configuration and imaging is complete and if required return the device to the OEM for a replacement unit where the product does not perform to its operating specifications
  • The “room” to unpack and then securely repackage devices and asset tagging is complete.

The warehouse itself is configured with client-device areas to which readied devices can be securely stored until delivery is requested.  When device delivery is requested, the delivery is made by Nova’s technicians who will:

  • As warranted, dismantle the existing workstation
  • Install the new device at the client specified desktop
  • Test the device confirming that it still meets its operating specification
  • As warranted, transfer existing hard drive folders and files, configure the device or the client networking infrastructure, attach peripherals, …..
  • Remove delivery packaging from the client facility, and as warranted remove the decommissioned computing device

Nova can, and does, complete workstations roll-outs, and IT evergreening projects, end-to-end or support a client’s own project management team.


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