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Printer Toner Consumables

Nova through its partnership with industry leaders in print, scan, and copy and fax technology see our client’s are offered print solutions that leverage the best of print products that meet their operational needs. business objectives and budgets.  Further our flexible finance options mean that organizations can afford the print equipment to meet their business need and meet their business objectives and budgets.

Nova’s end-to-end service offers:

  • Initial assessment
  • Print device redeployment or acquisition
  • Pay-per-use output that includes supplies and service
  • Ongoing assessment and as-needed optimization of the printer fleet

An initial assessment typically includes:

  • Locating all print devices and assessing the over and under print device utilization
  • Identifying who uses what printer when and why and creating user groups
  • Matching user group print requirements with existing print device features and functionality
  • Identifying where user group requirements are not met by existing print devices and recommending the appropriate device for the user
  • Defining print device supply requirements and replenishment schedules

Nova’s technical resources work with clients to relocate existing print devices and deploy new print devices as directed by the clients.  This relocations and deployment can include the installation of print management software which will auto alert Nova when print devices require replenishment.  Nova would then delivery to the client location the supplies (excluding paper) needed.

This delivery of supplies and print device service is part of Nova’s pay-per-use service model.

  • Based on print device supply requirements and replenishment schedules, Nova will warehouse the supplies and deliver to the client location(s) the supplies as schedule
  • During the deliver of supplies, Nova’s technical resources will conduct preventative and OEM maintenance on the print devices
  • Where there is an issue with a printer, the client need only call Nova’s 24 x7 bilingual help desk.  The Help Desk agents will initially work with the client to resolve the problem; and where there is no remote resolution; dispatch a technical resource to the client location to restore the printer to its operational state
  • As a client’s business need changes, Nova will be there to reassess the client’s print environment and make recommendations to see that the environment needs the business need or make recommendations so that it does

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