Asset Lifecycle Management Services

Cyclical representation of the life of an asset from procurement to decommissioning and disposalNova Networks Inc., (Nova) has the:

  • Technology knowledge and experience to assist clients define their requirements and select the devices that meet the requirement
  • IT product manufacturer relationships to procure client required devices and software
  • OEM authorized technicians to
    • Configure, image and asset tag the devices
    • Deliver, deploy and/or roll-out the assets
  • Systems and tools to document and maintain asset information over the life of the asset
    • Warranty and subscription information
    • Asset service history
  • Warranty and post warranty OEM authorizations to service and repair client assets
  • Experience to dispose of assets in a manner that:
    • Honours the environmental mantra of reduce, reuse, repurpose
    • Provides not-for-profits and charitable organizations with technology that they can use
    • Will see that the components and materials of decommissioned assets that cannot be repurposed or donated are recycled into raw material for other products




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