Cable, Fiber, Wireless and Telephony


The foundation of any networked computing environment is “built” upon the cabling of the devices to switches, access points, printers, servers, …….  Without cabling, be it fiber, copper, CAT5e, CAT6, CAT 6A, ….., Nova Networks’(Nova) clients would have stand alone computing devices.

With today’s reliance on a networked IT infrastructure, the Internet and voice over IP service, cabling an office facility has been never more important.  Nova’s cabling technicians assists its clients:

  • Define the cabling requirements
  • Design a cabling solution to meet those requirements
  • Physically “pull and drop” the right cables and install the wireless access points and terminate the cables at the right location and at the network switch(s)

Nova’s cabling technicians work with their technology counterparts – network architects/engineers and VoIP technologists/specialists seeing that the connectivity from the individual computing device to client IT infrastructure can “handle” the data and voice load of its users.


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