Virtual CISO

Take advantage of our Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) expertise to obtain advice and guidance from an expert in cybersecurity.  This can be done as a one-time consultation or as a continual service.

Consulting Project

Typically, the Virtual CISO will perform the following activities for a one-time engagement:

  • Gather basic information about your IT infrastructure (endpoints, networking, servers, applications, firewalls, cloud, backup, databases, information assets)
  • Interview selected stakeholders or sample employees to determine security maturity and security concerns and past history
  • Run an external vulnerability scan
  • Work with experts to analyze the collected data for vulnerabilities and risks
  • Prepare and present the findings and recommendations to address risks.  This could include a Security Roadmap

Virtual CISO as a Service

Often, the Virtual CISO as a Service consists of:

  • An initial assessment as described above
  • Subscription to our Security Alerts Bulletin and invitation to our Security Blog
  • Monthly meetings to review new cybersecurity developments
  • Access at any time for ad hoc questions and advice
  • An annual Security Roadmap for budget planning and evolution of cyber threat prevention and risk mitigation

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