Security Training

Set of key locks over a laptop keyboard


Security has always been a business requirement. The protection of business intelligence, operational processes and procedures, investments, properties, employees, … guards the business against:

  • Competitive pressures
  • Changes in the marketplace
  • Economic volatilities
  • Physical threats

In today’s business realties, these “threats” now include threats to technology infrastructures – where we create, store and manage our business intelligence, operational processes and procedures, financial and human resources systems.

Defending against cybersecurity threats is everyone’s responsibility – from the company employees to the Executive team. What differs is their responsibilities.

Company employees need to understand and have an awareness of:

  • What threats are out there and what they can do
  • What to look for and how to defend against the threats
  • What their cyber security responsibilities are

Executive team needs to understand:

  • What technologies are available to defend against cyber threats
  • How to integrate cyber security into the company’s plans for business operations, goals and expansion initiatives
  • Cyber security best practices and market norms

Basically that the defense against cyber threats requires good and proactive governance.


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