Security as a Service

Nova is a trusted partner to many organizations.
Let us earn your trust by demonstrating our strengths in security. Our experts in cybersecurity will provide 24/7 support.  Just choose one or more of the following options:

  • Patching as a Service – Nova will take care of all your patching needs, you choose servers (Windows, Linux) only or include workstations
  • Firewall as a Service – We will provide the firewall or firewall cluster for high availability, maintain patching, firewall rules, monitoring thresholds, uptime, traffic and anomalies
  • Managed SIEM – Security information Event Monitoring and rapid response
  • Endpoint Protection as a Service – We will provide anti-virus and proactive defense management
  • Virtual CISO – Advisory services to guide you and support your organization
  • Rapid Incident Response Service – Our rapid response team will take action to any threats or incidents
  • Custom Security Service – Tell us about your concerns and we can create a custom service to meet your specific needs

Ask us to help you assess the security risks to your organization – This is a free consultation.
Do you need cybersecurity insurance? Learn more here.


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For more security, speed, comfort and fun.