Value-Add Services

Providing more than just IT Product

Nova provides more than just IT product.  It extends to each of its clients, its experience, knowledge and relationships with manufacturers and distributors to see that the product/product solution ordered by a client is a balance between:

  • Investment/Cost
  • Return
  • Delivery Time

Nova seeks to build strong, mutually beneficial long term relationship with each of its clients and understands that such relationships are based on trust that develops over time.  Nova works diligently to:

  • Have the business process that are flexible to client needs
  • Think “outside of the box” to develop solutions to client issues
  • Demonstrate its willingness to work within client operational or budgetary constraints

and over time, earn that trust.

Value-add Services

Ability to Source Product from a Variety of Sources

Nova, in addition to is always seeking the best price and delivery timeline for each client order, it is not restricted to a single distributor or supplier from which to secure product for its clients.  This means that Nova can source:

  • Readily available
  • “In demand”
  • Production restricted
  • End-of-life

products from a variety of national and international sources.

Configuration/Imaging, Asset Tagging, Roll-out Staging and Warehousing

Knowing that clients typically do not have the square footage in their own facilities to:

  • Accept a variety of produce components and then “build” the final product (i.e., configuration of hard drives in racks, adding additional RAM, ……)
  • Securely maintain and manage individual computing images and then, based on need, image new computing devices based on the end-user requirements
  • Stage/warehouse computing devices until they are required by the project team or user

Nova not only has the “real estate” to perform these tasks; it has the skilled resources, processes and procedures to do so.  Within Nova’s warehousing facility is its secured config and imaging area.  At any given time, Nova can be:

  • Configuring computing devices
  • Applying client-specified images
  • Documenting the devices with client-provided asset tags
  • Staging the devices for shipment based on roll-out delivery dates

Nova can deliver product to a client site as part of a roll-out, solution implementation or part of an upgrade project that has been configured, imaged and is ready for deployment.


Nova Networks commitment to “work” with its clients is reflected not only in its willingness to:

  • Offer product and technology specialists to help define the requirement and recommend IT solutions
  • Aid clients in architecting/designing solutions to their specific needs
  • Deploy and maintain client solutions

but also in its acknowledgment that clients must work within annual capital and operating budgets and its ability to craft financing options (payment terms, loans, leasing, ….) that will work within those budgets.


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