IT-Based Business Solutions

Nova Networks is a Proven IT-based Business Solution Provider

Experienced Technology and Business Staff

As an industry recognized value-added reseller (VAR) and enterprise-class managed service provider (MSP) with experienced professional and consulting staff, Nova is positioned to help its clients implement IT-based business solutions by:

  • Defining its business requirements that can be met by information technology
  • Assessing available market technology against those defined requirements and identifying the best return on investment (ROI)
  • Architecting/designing a solution to the business requirements using the most appropriate technology
  • Procuring the technology, providing convenient and innovative financing when required
  • Managing the deployment and migration to the solution

Nova’s efforts do not have to end with deployment and migration.  Nova, as a established enterprise MSP has the resources, systems, tools and services to monitor and manage the solution for the client.

Established Procurement Operation

Nova’s proven reputation with technology manufacturers (OEMs) as a value-added reseller affords:

  • Nova the ability to work with manufacturers leveraging their technology to deliver the solution each client needs
  • Nova’s clients the opportunity to engage with OEM product specialists as the solution is being developed
  • Nova and its clients, valuable insight into emerging technological developments and next generation product models that can be used/considered during the solution architecting/design stage

Nova has more than million product stock keeping unit (SKU) numbers referencing Tier 1 OEM product lines such as:

  • End user computing devices (desktops, laptops and tablets, smart phones, ….)
  • Servers (database, file, mail, print, web, application …) and storage devices (storage area network, network-attached storage, direct-access storage, …..)
  • Networking and wireless connectivity devices (switches, hubs, access points, cabling, …..)
  • Security options (firewalls, intrusion detection system (IDS), authentication, uninterupted power supply (UPS), ….)
  • Communication (voice over IP (VoIP), messaging/chat, unified communication, audio/visual, remote desktop, …)
  • Print devices and options (multi-function printers (MFPs), stand-a-lone printers, follow-me, 3D, print on demand, …)
  • Business software (end-user business productivity applications, content management, collaboration, document and records management, database, …..)

With this vast collection of product at Nova’s procurement “finger tips” it is confident that the IT product that are the basis of the solution its knowledgeable staff recommends can be procured, configured, delivered and deployed in your business operations in a smooth and timely manner.


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