Tier 1 Manufacturer Relationships

Over the course of its more than 20 years of business, Nova Networks has built strong relationships with most Tier 1 manufactures (OEMs); including those listed below.  Nova’s reputation with OEMs is built not only its ability to sell their product; but also its training investment in its resources so that they can troubleshoot and repair product, as well as their ability to use and incorporate product, as a holistic solution, that meets client business requirements.

Word Microsoft in black above the text Gold Certified Partner in gold text

Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Loco


Bar chart bars above the word Cisco

Cisco Corporate Logo

Fortinet with a red stylied O

Fortinet corporate logo

Text stylized with blue and while horizontal stripes through the characters I B and M

IBM Blue Corporate Logo

Blue circle with stylized white h and p letters through the circle's middle

HP Inc. Corporate Logo

Citrix with red dot above the first I and the second I is upside down

Citrix corporate logo

the V and M is a darker grey than the remaining letters in the word VMware

VMware corporate logo

the word lenovo all in lower case and in deep blue text

Lenovo blue corporate logo

Small green-outlined rectangle over the bolded text Hewlett Packard whic is over the word Enterprise

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Corporate Logo

stylized block apple with a bite out the right side

Logo of Apple corporation

xerox in lower case red text with a stylized red cirle to the right that has a white X on it

Xerox corporation’s corporate logo

Veeam Silver Partner Logo

The word Toshiba in a bold red colour Symantec ESET Nimble Storage logo
Lexmark Adobe  Trend Micro NEC

Panasonic Logo

Panasonic Logo


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