Application Management Technical

Choose the services that best meet your needs:


Features Available
24/7 Staffed Service Desk Available
Deep Expertise & Highly Efficient Process Available
Service Level Management Available

Monitoring and Alerting

Features Available
Monitoring 24/7 Staffed Service Desk Available
Deep Expertise & Highly Efficient Processs Available
Service Level Management Available
Availability Management Application Port Monitoring Available
Service and Process Monitoring Available
Application SST Monitoring Available
Backup Process Monitoring Available
Virtual Infrastructure Monitoring Available
Alerting Electronic Notification Available
Telephone Notifications Available
Escalations Available

Problem Management

Features Available
Incident and Problem Management Problem Triage Available
Restart Failed Processes and Applications Available
3rd Party Dispatch Management Available
Application Problem Management Available
End-to-end Backup Problem Management Available
Problem Resolution Available
Application Administration

Features Available
Request Fulfillment Requests & Pre-Approved Changes – User Accounts, Passwords Available
Proactive Performance Tracking & Analysis Available
Vulnerability Analysis Available
Policy Enforcement Available
Virtualization Admin Available

Change Management

Features Available
Request Fulfillment Application Change Management Available
App Upgrades / Patches Discovery Available
Apply App Upgrades / Patches Available
Application Restore Available
Backup Backup Changes Available
Configuration Management Configuration Changes Available


Features Available
Web Portal Ticket View Available
Availability Available
Inventory Available
Device Performance Available
Application Performance Available
Application STT Performance Available

Complementary Services

Features Available
Ask if we can do it! Application Architecting Available
Database Monitoring and Administration Available
System Integration and Application Deployment Services Available
Nova Networks offers a complete suite of services under
NOVACARE and additional services including:

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