Cloud Convergence

Real Cloud Consulting – Real Results!

At Nova Networks, we cut through the marketing and technical confusion to address your Cloud Hosting requirements in a comprehensive process which delivers a complete solution. This is done by first analyzing applications/software/database behaviour in your online workflows, then sizing your potential Cloud presence to support the requirements without incident. The behaviour of these components is important to sizing the instance. If not sized properly, this will lead to failures at one of these levels, degrading the online presence. Many other factors are considered in our initial discovery in order to configure the solution for cost-optimization and performance.

Nova Network’s Hybrid Cloud

Nova can design a solution for your company. If there is a need for short or long-term scalability, for immediate traffic handling infrastructure to meet a business project, Nova can combine the infrastructure ramp-up by leveraging these major providers. This is known as “Hybrid Cloud”.

With a Nova Cloud based solution, you are not stuck in a box. The solution shall be provisioned in a mode that shall respect the requirements and timelines of your organization. The Hybrid solution can include components including COLO systems, private & public environments, diverse computing, and all available aspects of enterprise class data centre configurations.

Professional and Proactive Management

Once you have your Cloud presence, it is essential to monitor / manage the infrastructure server environment. Nova Networks has a strong pedigree in managing IT environments from SMB to Enterprise levels for over 10 years now. From the network layer to servers, storage, and applications, Nova can successfully monitor / manage environments through a diversified suite of 4 levels of management functions. Most large providers provide just a single tier of service with no proactive management of the components. Nova Networks unique offering is a flexible array of tier services to meet the needs of true outsourcing model. Proactive management allows for cost-savings through engineering foresight to eliminate issues before they happen and plan for seamless upgrades.

Nova Hybrid Cloud- the best of both worlds for confidence and peace of mind.


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