Information Management or SharePoint

Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) has become an increasingly important IT strategy as the relevance and value of stored information changes over time. For example, a very important market analysis today may not retain its importance two years from now. Therefore, the goal of any sound ILM strategy is to allow your organization to assess the value of information at the various points in its lifecycle and base its storage and retrieval on its relative value at that particular point in time.

Nova Networks’ ILM solutions recognize the fact that as electronic information proliferates and puts pressures on storage and management practices, organizations must turn to well-planned ILM policies and practices. This includes issues related to ILM including data migration, working in multi-tiered and multi-vendor networked storage environments, user requirements, impact of regulatory and legal requirements, and proper execution of vital business processes. Our solutions allow your organization to implement effective, comprehensive ILM strategies that are responsive to your business needs and bring control and processes to your burgeoning electronic data stores.



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