Custom Software and Database Development

Nova’s software experts can develop and customize tailored solutions for almost any platform and requirement.

At the speed of software!

It’s well known that the pace of technology is staggering these days. Software has become the driving force behind complete industries that strive to push the envelope for offering new services and solutions – local, enterprise, and world-wide. The productivity cost difference between ‘acceptable’ and ’empowering’ software applications and environments can be enormous, even for a small number of users. Once an initial investment is made, there’s usually little room for significant change without incurring serious issues or costs.

It’s critical to get it right the first time for the needs of today and tomorrow!

How can Nova Networks help?

Typical businesses have little time to properly research such investments in technologies that come in more flavours every day. This is where Nova Networks can play a critical role to assist in addressing and matching those needs to software solutions – that’s what we do! From concept to architecture to implementation, and anywhere in between, Nova Networks’ software solutions teams offer a wealth of knowledge and experience to tackle all aspects of the software solution process.

Utilizing industry-accepted methodologies for project management and software development, our project teams’ members work directly with clients throughout the lifecycle of a project to ensure delivery of the correct solution. We understand that a project’s success is dependent on a good working relationship and having the right skill sets in action at the right time. Depending on the client’s needs and the nature of the software solution, we have the insight and expertise for the best-suited processes.

  • Waterfall Model Software Development – traditional approach of sequential, dependent phases; Requirements, Design, Implementation, Verification, Maintenance.  This methodology targets predictability at each phase and for the overall project well-defined documentation.
  • Agile Software Development – iterative development of functional pieces with requirements and implementations evolving progressively over time for a final solution

This methodology targets adaptability for emphasis on rapid functional software deliverables where requirements are incomplete or likely to change.
Nova Networks can assist with all or any of the planning, implementation, and follow-up processes required. Whether its document creation, coding, or quality assurance, we have the skills to deliver exactly what the client needs.





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